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Experience the variety found in luxury vinyl flooring

If you have several flooring requirements that absolutely have to be met, luxury vinyl flooring is an excellent material to look into further. Offering an excellent number of benefits on many levels, it has served homeowners for years already. For instance, it’s an excellent addition to the busy home, as it remains durable under a great deal of duress. At the same time, it offers a luxurious appeal by mimicking some of the most sought-after natural floor coverings on the market today. After you’ve considered all the important aspects of this flooring, you may be glad you took the time to do so.

At Patrick Duffy Flooring, Inc., we proudly serve Marlborough, MA, where our showroom is located, as well as the surrounding areas. There, we offer an extensive line of flooring materials as well as the services needed to bring them to life. Our flooring specialists will make sure you find the material that best matches your preferences and requirements and we can even offer professional installation of that product, to your complete satisfaction.

We invite you to visit us at your convenience and you’ll find our staff standing by to assist you with all your flooring needs.

Luxury vinyl flooring information and benefits

Luxury vinyl flooring is probably best known for its ability to replicate such materials as solid hardwood, porcelain tile, and many stone varieties as well. The timeless elegance these appearances bring to your spaces means that it’s easy to match any decor, even if it’s switched up between rooms. From minimalist to eclectic artistic schemes, the replications will be just the thing to bring everything nicely together.

Constructed for amazing durability, luxury vinyl planks and tiles come in layers. The base is a stable backing layer, followed by a core, and a design layer. The design layer is created using a 3D printing process that offers the high-resolution image for stunning clarity in appearance. Finally, a durable wear layer is added to the top, offering resistance against scratches, scuffs, stains, and fading for a floor covering that will look showroom-new for years to come.

For the best peace of mind available with regard to a floor covering, however, you’ll want to ask about waterproof luxury vinyl. Those products offering a 100% vinyl core not only stand up against humidity, moisture, dampness, and spills, but they can even weather a flood and still be dried and reinstalled.

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