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Carpet you can live with

Carpet flooring not only has an appealing warmth in appearance, but it also has some amazing benefits that will make it a great addition to your home. It’s incredibly soft underfoot which makes it a comfortable and welcoming material to add to entryways and living rooms. It’s great for private spaces like bedrooms and studies as well. Some materials are very resistant to stains and crushing, offering excellent durability in even the busiest of homes. It’s definitely worth your while to stop and find out if this could be the floor covering that completes your own unique flooring project.

At Patrick Duffy Flooring, Inc., our number one priority is the satisfaction of our customers. To ensure that we reach that goal, we offer a great line of flooring materials and products along with services that help turn them into the floor of your dreams.

From picking the perfect addition to your decor to installing the product to perfection, you’ll be glad you stopped in for a visit at our Marlborough, MA showroom. From there, we proudly serve the Marlborough area and surrounding areas and we’d love to add you to our list of satisfied customers as well. Our flooring specialists will be standing by to assist you in any way necessary.

Important facts about carpet

There are many benefits to be found in carpet flooring. Some are as old as the material itself, like amazing underfoot comfort and softness. Others are much newer and can change everything you thought you knew about this floor covering. The softness makes your home a much safer place for both old and young residents alike, providing a stable surface that helps to prevent slipping and falling. It also offers a safer place to land in the event that a fall does happen, so serious injury is much less likely.

Newer benefits include characteristics that will make carpet much more appealing for even those who have avoided the material in the past. Some manufacturers, for instance, have built stain protection into the very fibers themselves for a floor that stays cleaner longer. Stains will have no opportunity to soak in and create permanent marring of your floor, and you’ll find they are much easier to clean as well.

In much the same way, manufacturers have also created their carpet fibers to be hypoallergenic. This means that allergens such as dander, pollen, and dust are held in place instead of recirculated through the air so everyone in the home breathes better.

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